North Carolina

North Carolina Can Protect the Right to Contraception RIGHT NOW. 

Here’s why our legislators need to hear from us.

Despite overwhelming public support for contraception, which most American families use, states across the country are threatening our right to contraception (e.g., birth control pills & IUDs).

But here in North Carolina, we have the opportunity to proactively protect the right to contraception. The bill is called The Right to Use Contraception Act – it is a simple, four sentence legislation to write the right to contraception into state law. 

State senators can take up this bill at any time. But right now, not a single GOP member of our state government has signed on. When a version of this bill came before the U.S. House last year, every Republican representative from our state voted NO. 

We need to make sure our representatives know that we will not stand for anyone who sits idly by while our fundamental right to contraception is at risk. We need action and we need it now – anything less than full support for this bill will be remembered.

Current Actions

Send a Letter

The Right to Use Contraception Act is making its way through the North Carolina state legislature. But without strong support in the Senate, it will not become law, and our right to basic birth control will remain at risk. Will you take one minute to send your senator a letter pushing for support for this bill?

Send a Letter

Send a Tweet

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is running to lead our state. But, his record on contraception is murky. Will you send a tweet asking him whether he supports the Right to Use Contraception Act?

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